Early resident Brady Burt has always enjoyed fireworks, but this year he’s helping the rest of the community enjoy them as well.    

Burt is operating the American Fireworks stand on CC Woodson Rd. behind Big Lots and Tractor Supply Co. He said the American fascination with fireworks is simple.   

“It’s the only time of year you can blow stuff up and get away with it,” Burt said.   

He said the artillery fireworks are his favorite, the traditional ones that are propelled out of a mortar and explode into flowery bursts. “We’ve got some single and double breaks. Each shot gives you two flowers,” he said. “Some of the bigger packs have a triple that give you three flowers off one shot.   

“We’ve got some really nice fountains, too. They put on a little show — they burn halfway through and then they fall over and keep going,” he said.   

He said the “Keg Stand” is a new fountain firework that’s one of his favorites.   

The stand, Burt said, sells a little bit of everything for every price range. Fireworks can be purchased individually or as part of a package set. “For people who just want to grab a little bit of everything, they can come up and grab a pack that’s pre-packaged. You really can’t go wrong when fireworks are involved.   

“I’ve been to stands in the past where they just keep trying to add on and add on to your order,” Burt said. “For us, it’s more about finding out how much you are looking to spend. We’re here to make money, but we’re also here to help everyone enjoy their Fourth of July.”   

The stand is open every night until midnight or later. It will sell until midnight on the Fourth. Burt said it’s the only local stand with a canvas overhang that shades shoppers from the July Texas sun.   

“We try to keep everybody happy and give everybody what they’re looking for,” he said.   

Despite the ongoing burn ban, the Brown County Commissioners said this week that fireworks can still be sold and used lawfully in the county. The City of Brownwood reminded residents in a Friday Facebook post not to use fireworks within the city limits without a permit.