Ronald Oswalt may be new to the Brown County community, but he is already making an impact.   

As an Early Chamber ambassador, a Pecan Bayou Lions Club member and the founder of the Early Brownwood Advanced Networking Group, Oswalt has plenty to do when he’s not busy working as a business development specialist for radio station operator Blue Sky Entertainment. But he wouldn’t have it any other way.   

Oswalt got his start as a sportswriter for the Laurel Leader-Call in his home state of Mississippi after graduating from Southern Miss. “Nothing was better than that,” Oswalt said. “I would cover four to five games a day, from youth athletics to bowling to the New Orleans Saints. Just a little bit of everything. It was great.”   

As a sportswriter, Oswalt got to follow his writing and photography passions. But football has always been one of his biggest passions as well, and Oswalt realized quickly when he got to Texas that there’s nothing quite like Friday night lights in the Lone Star State. “It’s amazing here,” Oswalt said, “and I consider [Brownwood] one of the hotbeds of the sport in Texas.”   

Oswalt went on to hold several football-related positions in Texas. He managed a Texas high school football website for a time, and held media and football operations jobs for indoor teams in Katy, Beaumont and Austin. “In Austin, we had 90 days to put a team on the field and buy turf, walls and everything in-house. And we made the championship year one. It was a great experience,” he said.   

All the while Oswalt’s family has been by his side. He’s been married to Machel, a physician peer-review specialist for an Austin clinic, for 26 years. The couple has two grown sons, Aubrey and Hayden.   

Oswalt found his current position online and met with Blue Sky representatives at the Brownwood La Quinta. “Within 48 hours I had an offer,” Oswalt said. “They liked that I had varying experiences — I’ve done management, but marketing and sales are my expertise.”   

In the Brownwood market, Blue Sky operates 97.9/103.9 Sunny FM, 104.3 KISS FM, 104.7 La Ley and 105.5 The Bull.    

Oswalt is already involved with several Brown County organizations, but he plans on joining even more. “Right now I’m applying to do Leadership Brownwood and be an ambassador for the Brownwood Chamber, so those are things in the works,” he said.    

He also has a history of working with charitable organizations, such as the Gridiron Heroes foundation that assists football players who have suffered spinal cord injuries on the field. “I love football probably more than about anybody in the world, but there are injuries in football,” Oswalt said. “The sport is really progressing, and with Gridiron Heroes … we want to teach people to be safer with the game.”   

Gridiron Heroes founder Eddie Canales said Oswalt has been immensely helpful for his organization. “Ron’s an awesome guy,” Canales said. “He’s always been willing to help Gridiron Heroes, and he’s done a great job trying to raise funds for us.   

“My son was injured playing football, and when [Oswalt] heard the story of what had happened, he wanted to help. He’s been very involved in creating awareness for us,” Canales said. More information on the organization is available at   

Oswalt said Brownwood, as its slogan says, really does feel like home.   

“Brownwood reminds me of Mississippi — it’s about relationships, and things still stand on a handshake,” he said. “You go above and beyond for your customer here.”