Multiple charges filed, judge signs orders raising earlier bonds

A Brownwood man is jailed on multiple charges after a reckless driving call led to an altercation between officers and the man Wednesday night, police said.
    Jason Brewer is accused of pointing a shotgun at an officer from a bedroom closet after he fled from an attempted traffic stop and the officer followed him into his home, a police report states. After officers got him into custody, the man “mule” kicked the same officer and spat blood on the officer and a second officer, the report alleged.
    Brewer, 39, was booked into the Brown County Jail on three charges of aggravated assault on a public servant and additional charges of unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon, evading arrest, resisting arrest and reckless driving, Brown County Jail records state.

Judge signs orders increasing earlier bonds
    Bonds had not been set on the Wednesday arrests as of mid-morning Thursday. Brown County Court-at-Law Judge Sam Moss, however, signed orders Thursday morning increasing two earlier misdemeanor bonds from $3,000 each to $100,000 each.
    Brewer had made those bonds after being arrested in October 2015 on charges of possession of a controlled substance and unlawful possession of a weapon, jail records state.
    Since posting those bonds on Oct. 29, 2015, Brewer has been arrested six times for numerous misdemeanor and felony offenses, Moss’ orders state. Before Brewer’s arrest Wednesday night, he was out on bonds totaling $67,500, excluding the five felonies and two misdemeanors for which he was arrested Wednesday, the orders state.
    “It is in the best interest of the community that the (bonds) be raised,” Moss wrote in the orders.

Police report on Wednesday’s arrest
    According to a report by officer Jayme Bowman:
    Bowman was dispatched at 8:03 p.m. to the area of Belle Plain and West Austin to assist Sgt. Troy Carroll on a reckless driving call. Bowman searched the area could not locate the driver, who was identified in call notes as Brewer.
    Bowman and Carroll remained in the area, and as the officers talked about Brewer while parked in the 400 block of Locust, they heard the sound of squealing tires coming from Belle Plain. “Sgt. Carroll and I observed the reckless driver come sliding around the corner and into the 400 block of Locust,” Bowman’s report states.
    The officers activated their lights and sirens and followed Brewer, with Bowman driving ahead of Carroll. After a three-block pursuit in which Bowman’s maximum speed was 45 mph, Brewer locked his brakes in the 1500 block of Main Boulevard and made a right turn into the driveway of his residence.
    Brewer ran into the house and Bowman followed him through the living room and into a back bedroom.
    Brewer entered a closet, and Bowman opened the closet’s left-side closet door. Bowman tried to grab Brewer, who moved to the right. Bowman opened the right-side closet door.
    “Once I opened the door I observed Brewer with a gun, later identified as a shotgun, pointed at me,” Bowman’s report states. “I drew my duty weapon at which time Brewer’s father jumped in front of me and began fighting with his son over the weapon.”
    Brewer’s father got control of the shotgun, Bowman holstered his pistol and Carroll removed Brewer from the closet.
    “I helped Brewer to his feet and began escorting him out to my patrol unit,” Bowman’s report states. “While walking Brewer to my patrol unit, he ‘mule’ kicked me in my groin.”
    Bowman took Brewer to the ground, then stood and took several deep breaths to recover from being kicked. Bowman stood Brewer up and resumed walking him to his patrol vehicle. Brewer spit blood on Carroll and Bowman.
    “Sgt. Carroll retrieved a rag from his vehicle due to Brewer spitting at/on officers,” Bowman’s report states. “Carroll explained to Brewer not to spit on him. Sgt. Carroll was able to seatbelt Brewer in, allowing me to safely transport him to the Brown County Jail.”