Brownwood police arrested a motorcyclist on a DWI charge Sunday night after the motorcycle fell over while the rider was stopped at a red light.
    Officer Noe Acosta arrested Nathaniel Salazar, 40, after being dispatched to the intersection of Austin and Main on a report of an accident, Acosta’s report states. Acosta arrived to see a man laying on the ground with a motorcycle on its side. Several people tried to help the man up and pick up the motorcycle.
    As the man stood up, he struggled to keep his balance and witnesses said he’d fallen over just waiting at the red light.
    Acosta arrested Salazar after stopping a field sobriety test out of concern the suspect was going to fall and injure himself, Acosta's report states. Acosta also obtained a warrant for a blood draw, which was done at Brownwood Regional Medical Center.
    In other incident involving Brownwood police:    

    • Domestic disturbance — 1600 block of Avenue E; Timothy Knox, 36, arrested on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, unlawful restraint.
    • Marijuana, alcohol — 3300 block of Stephen F. Austin. Officers responded to noise nuisance and arrested Christopher Byrd, 21, on charge of possession of marijuana, furnishing alcohol to minor.
    • Theft — Walmart, two females cited.
    • Marijuana, DWI — Traffic stop, 3100 block of Austin, arrested Travis Clark, 38, of Bangs, on charges of DWI second, possession of marijuana.    

    • Burglary of a habitation — 4400 Edgewood, suspect named.
    • Theft — Walmart.
    • Burglary of motor vehicle — 1800 Avenue B.
    • Harassment/online impersonation — report taken at Law Enforcement center, suspects named.
    • Theft — Walmart, female cited.
    • Narcotics — Checked on suspicious vehicle in Walmart parking lot, arrested Veronica Burgin, 31, and Landon Parris, 30, both of Coleman, on charges of possession of a controlled substance and evidence tampering.