EARLY — An Early officer disarmed a woman last week when she pulled a small knife on him, hoping to get the officer to kill her, police said Monday.
    Police made a suicidal person report to MHMR and released the woman to MHMR custody after the Thursday incident, which happened in the 100 block of Early Boulevard.
    The woman entered a store requesting an officer, and when officer Andre Smoot arrived, the woman pulled a knife from her purse, police said.
    Smoot immediately disarmed the woman without incident. The woman told police she wanted the officer to kill her.
    In other incidents involving Early police:
     Reckless driver — U.S. Highway 183 South, driver checked OK, just tired.
    Runaway juvenile — 200 block of Bluebonnet, juvenile located, everything OK.
    Assault — 200 block of River Oaks. Female caller said a friend was staying at her house. The friend’s husband broke through the door and began assaulting her friend, throwing her outside into the yard.
     The male left when he heard someone say they were calling the police. Officers located the male at another residence in Early. Dustin Edward Gamblin, 35, of Zephyr, was arrested for burglary of habitation with intent to commit assault and assault family violence.
    Alarm — 1000 block of Early Boulevard, building secure.
    Harassment — 900 block of Early Boulevard, subject coming in the store, yelling at people, calling them adulterers and getting belligerent with them. Police issued a criminal trespass warning.
    Runaway juvenile — 1000 block of Early Boulevard, juvenile later located and returned to parents.
    Alarm — 400 block of Early Boulevard, building secure, key holder arrived, checked inside.
    Loose livestock — 100 block of Allen Drive, owner located.
    Accident — 300 block of Early Boulevard, no injuries, minor damage.
        Reckless driver — U.S. Highway 183 North/Early Boulevard,  vehicle racing, officer stopped one vehicle.

    Reckless drivers — 1900 block of Early Boulevard, unable to locate.
    Civil standby — Walk-in request for civil standby for child exchange. Mother and children were located at the lake. The mother refused to let the children kids go with the father. Handled by sheriff’s office.
    Trespassing — 500 block of Earl Boulevard, subject in store making people uncomfortable, subject located and given trespass warning.
    Theft — 700 block of Early Boulevard, subject rented U-Haul trailer and hadn’t returned it, suspect later called in and stated he would return the trailer. Report taken for investigation.

    Accident — 1200 C.C. Woodson, two vehicles, no injuries, road blocked. One of the drivers fled on foot. Officers searched but could not locate the driver.
    The owner of the vehicle said one of his employees took the vehicle without permission. The driver has been identified.