The two animal control officers for the City of Brownwood are female, they wear badges and they will provide identification if asked.
    Those were among the statements from Assistant Police James Fuller in response that a male who claims to be an animal control officer tried to take at least one pit bull with the owner present, with numerous sightings of the man and his truck reported in the area.
    A scam alert posted  posted on the Brownwood Police Department’s Facebook page states:
    “We have received notice of a person impersonating our Animal Control officers. He is described as a white male with dark brown hair, approximately 5-foot-8 with no facial hair. He is wearing a navy blue jump suit and driving a white truck with blue lettering (unknown logo). The truck has a cage on the back that is very similar to the ones that our ACO would drive.
    “The man will attempt to take possession of your animal by advising you that there have been complaints or your animal has bitten someone.
    “Our animal control officers carry a badge, wear black cargo pants and gray shirts with letter that clearly have Brownwood Police — Animal Control on the front. If there are any questions about someone attempting to take possession of your animal, please ask to see their ID or badge.”
    Police responded to an incident Thursday afternoon on Santa Clara in which the phony animal control officer entered a back yard and placed a muzzle on a pit bull, telling the owner the dog was the subject of a complaint, Fuller said. The owner said they should wait for the police to arrive, and the man took the muzzle off the dog and left, he said.
    “If you see this person, call the police department,” Fuller said.
    “Fuller identified the police department’s two animal control officers as Judy Williams and Sarah Osborn.
    If the animal control officers respond to a complaint, they will not simply take a dog from a yard with little or no explanation to the owner, Fuller said.
    The police department’s Facebook warning generated a large number of responses from concerned citizens or people who said they had seen the phony animal control officer.
    No other Brown County agencies have animal control officers. Fuller said. The Brownwood Police Department’s animal control officers do go into other communities if law enforcement asks for their help, but they respond only with a representative of law enforcement from that jurisdiction with them, Fuller said.
    When asked if he thought the phony officer might be part of a dogfighting ring, Fuller responded, “there’s something more to it than just someone stealing a dog.”