Brown County Sheriff Vance Hill said the majority of the inmates in the jail he’s in charge of are parents, and Hill wants to help them become better parents.
    With the help of volunteers from the Family Services Center, Hill has started a parenting education program for inmates who want to participate. Inmates who participate attend a weekly one-hour sessions in a 10-week program called Parenting Wisely. The same program is available to the public through the Family Services Center, Hill said.
    “My goal is to help the inmates become better versed, or better informed, on how to deal with their children,” Hill said.
    After seeing how the program works out, Hill hopes to slowly start adding other programs “to help these inmates deal with the real issues of life, the issues that have gotten them incarcerated,” Hill said.
    The program is paid for out of the commissary fund, which is generated by inmates, Hill said.