EARLY — To Early real estate agent Vann Stanford, the sound of a pair of loose trailer wheels rolling into the building where he works was like a bomb going off.
    No one was injured when the two wheels detached from an 18-wheeler trailer Thursday afternoon and rolled into the Coldwell Banker real estate building in the 1100 block of Early Boulevard, where Stanford and his son, Hunter, have their offices.
    Stanford said he was the only person in the building when the incident happened at 2 p.m. His son, whose office took the impact, had left the building a short time earlier.
    “I was sitting at my desk. All of a sudden the doors were blown off the hinges. It sounded like a bomb going off,” Stanford said.
    “My son was sitting there 20 minutes earlier. It definitely would have killed him.”
    The damaged area of the building has been boarded up and Stanford said he’s continuing to work out of the building.
    According to an email from Early police:
    At approximately 2 p.m. the Early Police Department responded to the 1100 block of Early Boulevard for an accident investigation. One set of dual wheels from an 18-wheeler trailer came off the trailer and traveled across the highway, striking the side brick wall of the Coldwell Banker office.
    The truck driver was unaware the wheels had came off but a Brady Police Department unit driving through town witnessed the incident. The Brady officer stopped the truck and notified Early police.
    The wheels struck the wall of the building, causing sections of brick to be catapulted through another wall of the office, destroying two offices and the outside wall. Real estate agent Vann Stanford was in the office but on the other side corner away from the point of impact.
    Stanford's son, Hunter Stanford, whose office was hit, had just been in the office a short time before but had left the building before the accident happened.
    The Early Police Department is investigating the accident while DPS License and Weight was contacted to put the truck out of service for mechanical safety reasons.
    No charges will be filed in the incident.