The house at 304 N. Greenleaf in Brownwood, where 29-year-old Larry Irvin was fatally shot in May, is on the city’s list of homes to be demolished because of substandard conditions.
    Demolition is expected to start Aug. 21, and the home will be one of about 56 the city will have torn down by the end of the fiscal year, Brownwood Developmental Service Department Director Tim Murray told city council members Tuesday morning.
    Murray referenced the home, saying it was the site of two homicides — including the May 20 shooting that took Irvin’s life— in a report to the council on substandard housing demolition.
    Developments Services tore down 51 substandard structures in the 2015-’16 fiscal year, and has demolished 47 this year, with the total expected to reached about 56 by the end of the fiscal year, Murray told council members.
    The structures are torn down because they are health and safety hazards, unfit for human habitation, have a history of illegal activities and have devalued property taxes of adjacent structures, Murray said.
    Some of the structures have been subjects of a Building and Standards administration order. In other cases, property owners have signed voluntary contracts for the city to conduct demolition.
    In addition to having a history of illegal activities, the Greenleaf Street structure has numerous issues including electrical, plumbing, foundation and roof, and was the subject of an administrative enforcement order, Murray said.