Brownwood Police Chief Terry Nichols, Brown County Sheriff Vance Hill and Early Police Chief David Mercer stressed the collaboration among agencies as a crucial factor in Operation METHodical.
    “This is absolutely a team event,” Nichols said. “It took a lot of people coming together to pull this off. (Thursday) morning, more than 80 people filled this room for a briefing to go out and put this all together.”
    Hill said, “I think one of the most important things that we can gout out of this bust-out today is the collaboration between all of the law enforcement agencies in Brown County. That’s something that Chief Nichols, Chief Mercer and myself have been striving to do, and this is the result of what can happen we we put our resources together.”
    The sheriff’s office and two police departments are putting together a narcotics team that will be “consistently working these types of cases,” Hill said.
    Mercer cited two narcotics investigators —Aaron Taylor from the Brownwood Police Department and Carlyle Gover from the sheriff’s office — who had put in “backbone hours into this, and put these cases together. Without their hard work and dedication, these kind of cases wouldn’t be possible.”
    The three stressed the importance of citizens reporting suspicious activity and their neighborhoods. It may seem like officers aren’t responding to citizens’ reports, but officers are following up, they said, adding that it takes months to put together a drug case.
    “When people call in these tips … they need to understand, drug work takes a long time,” Mercer said. “It’s not a quick overnight deal.”
    Hill agreed, saying, “rest assured that those of you that call us weekly, complaining about traffic in your neighborhood, about the drug problem we have, we are actively working it.
    “If you see what you believe is suspected drug activity going on, and you call your local authorities and you feel like we’re not doing anything, we actually are. We respond to every call and sometimes it may take several months or a year to put a case together. So please continue to call us with any suspected activity you may see going on in your neighborhood.”