Howard Payne University has announced its plans to dissolve a collaborative arrangement between HPU and Ranger College on nurse education.
     On Friday, HPU president Dr. Bill Ellis informed the Ranger College president, Dr. Bill Campion, of the university’s intent to end the arrangement.
    HPU has two primary reasons for this action: lack of student interest and confusion regarding HPU’s stance on Ranger College’s efforts to make Brown County a taxing district.
    The agreement originated in August 2016 and was designed to allow students admitted to Ranger
College’s pre-licensure Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) program to live on the HPU campus, participate in the university’s student life activities and, on completion of the ADN program, apply for admission to HPU’s post-licensure Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program.
    Despite publicity about the agreement between the two institutions and some initial interest expressed by students, no students took advantage of the arrangement.
    “As part of our university’s culture of assessment, we regularly evaluate the way we deliver
course offerings and other programs,” Ellis said. “After being in place for a full year without any students, it is obvious to us that this collaborative arrangement is not of interest to students.”
    Additionally, HPU has not taken a public stance on the matter regarding the proposed taxing district, preferring to leave the decision entirely in the hands of the citizens of Brown County.
    However, Ellis expressed concern that the agreement has been misconstrued as an endorsement by HPU of Ranger College’s tax referendum, which is not the case.
    “Based on these issues, HPU has decided the best course of action is to dissolve the formal arrangement,” Ellis said.
    The procedure for terminating the agreement by either party is included in the Memorandum of
Understanding signed by the presidents of the two institutions.
    Graduates from Ranger College or elsewhere who are registered nurses (RN) with unencumbered licenses to practice in Texas may continue their education at HPU through the post-licensure
RN-to- BSN degree program, and HPU will admit each of those students on a case-by- case basis.