The shelves and clothing racks at the Bringing Hope Thrift Store, 720 W. Commerce, are filling up again after owner Amanda Sharp sold her store’s entire inventory to a couple for $100 last week for hurricane relief.
    As of Friday morning, donations from the community had refilled the store to about half of its capacity after Sharp sent the store’s inventory with the couple. They came in wanting to buy whatever they could for $100 to donate to the hurricane relief.
    “Take it all,” Sharp told the couple.
    Sharp seems somewhat embarrassed at the media attention her generosity has garnered — but she said she’s honored, too, as she continues the thrift store’s ministry of helping people by providing low-priced items for sale.
    “The community is so supportive of us,” Sharp said. “You can’t out-give the Lord. The more you give, the more you’re going to be blessed.”
    Sharp, a 2000 graduate of Brownwood High School, initially ran a resale store called The Other Side of the Mirror. She opened Bringing Hope Thrift Store three years ago after believing that “God was leading me to do something. I wasn’t sure what.”
    A key event that helped solidify her desire to help people was a house fire in Brownwood a few years ago that displaced several people, and Sharp was able to help them.
    “I really realized the Lord was using me to help others, and I felt like I really made a difference,” Sharp said. “I thought, if I can help them, who else can I help?”
    Sharp said she sees the community as her family. “I see the struggles that families face every day,” she said.
    She said she absolutely sees the store as a ministry, and she doesn’t see herself as a good business person.
    “As long as I can pay the bills, I’m happy,” she said.