Seated in his office on the final day of his job, Randall Krpoun noted that he’d worn a badge of one kind or another since 1980.
    Krpoun, 57, retired Monday as a lieutenant after 25 years with the Brownwood department. He was the department's longest serving officer.
    “I can’t believe this much time went this fast,” said Krpoun, a North Dakota native who retired as commander of the special services division. Krpoun’s duties were administrative and included overseeing several areas including training and the school resource officer.
    Krpoun spent much of his time with the Brownwood Police Department on the streets.
    “You have to pick a day, so I decided Monday was the day,” Krpoun said of his retirement. “I don’t have any regrets. I’ve really enjoyed my career. I’m 57 years old and I’m getting too old for law enforcement.”
    Krpoun said he will miss the job but reiterated “it’s time for me to go.”
    Krpoun’s wife, Ann, is the Brown County treasurer, and Krpoun said he’ll be help with her campaign for re-election.
    Krpoun served as an Army military policeman from 1980-1984, and served as a criminal investigator in the National Guard from 1984-1991. He also worked previously as a Williamson County deputy and as a Lakewood police officer.
    “I was looking for a civil service department and I wanted to go north of Austin,” Krpoun said. He applied to the Brownwood Police Department, and the second time he entered the police department’s building was to pick up his uniforms.
    Krpoun became the department’s first corporal after the department created the rank in 1999. He was promoted to sergeant in 2003 and to lieutenant in 2008.
    In 2005, Krpoun said, he created the department’s first formal field training program, and an updated version of it remains in use. In 2013 he was program manager with the department achieved recognition status with the Texas Police Chiefs Association. In 2015, Krpoun was program manager for the Missing Children Readiness Program as the department became the third agency in Texas to complete the program.
    He was the VFW’s officer of the year in 2008 and became a Master Peace Office
    “I’ve really enjoyed working for the City of Brownwood,” Krpoun said. “I’m very proud of my service and I’m looking forward to another phase of my life.”