Testimony began Tuesday morning in 35th District Court in the murder trial of Michael Zarate, 34, who is accused in the Nov. 2, 2014 shooting death of Ernesto Gonzales Jr. in Brownwood.
    Zarate is also charged with evidence tampering.
    District Attorney Micheal Murray told jurors in his opening statement he expects evidence to show that Zarate and Gonzales had been involved in an ongoing feud. Zarate lived with his girlfriend next door to Gonzales, a father of six, in the 1300 block of Brady Avenue, Murray told jurors.
    On the afternoon of Nov. 2, a Sunday, Zarate with outside with a pistol and confronted Gonzales, who began walking away through a nearby alley, Murray told jurors.
    Witnesses heard a woman screaming at Zarate to stop, then heard gunshots, Murray said. Gonzales fell in the alley, where he died.
    Zarate’s girlfriend, Crystal Newingham, saw Zarate “point the pistol and pull the trigger,” Murray told jurors.
    Newingham was “screaming at the top of her lungs” for Zarate to stop, and “she will tell you he did not stop,” Murray said.
    After Murray played for jurors recordings of 9-1-1 calls from two residents of the neighborhood including Gary Holland, Murray began questioning Holland.
    Holland said after he heard Newingham screaming for Zarate to stop, he heard three shots and called 9-1-1. Holland said he walked down the alley and saw Gonzales laying on his back. Gonzales asked for help and then stopped breathing, Holland testified.
    Holland said he and Gonzales were friends and had worked together.