Slick roads may have contributed to a rollover accident just in front of Prima Pasta on Early Blvd. Tuesday afternoon.   

Westbound traffic was reduced to one lane as Brownwood and Early first responders worked to free the two occupants of a black Chevy Silverado that came to rest on its right side just off the road. According to Early police chief David Mercer, the Silverado was traveling behind a white Dodge Ram when it struck the flatbed trailer the Ram was towing.   

The trailer caught and lifted the Silverado’s front tire, flipping the truck on its side.   

The Silverado’s driver was lifted through the driver-side window and attended to on top of the truck while the fire department stabilized the vehicle with supports. First responders stabilized the man with a neck brace and then lowered him onto a stretcher when a Lifeguard ambulance arrived. He appeared conscious and alert throughout and was transported to Brownwood Regional.   

Firefighters used an axe and hand saw to cut through the Silverado’s windshield and extract the passenger, a woman, from the truck. She walked through the windshield under her own power and appeared unharmed.   

The light rain began falling more forcefully as rescuers worked to transport the driver. Rain is expected in the Brownwood area for the next several days.