Brownwood police released details Tuesday on the arrest of a Brownwood teen they allege  endangered the public during a high-speed dash down Austin Avenue Friday evening, running red lights and telling police his girlfriend was dying in the front passenger seat.
    The girl, who told an officer after she revived that she’d smoked marijuana about 15 minutes earlier, might have been having a “bad trip,” officer Jared Spohn’s report states. The girl was checked out at Brownwood Regional Medical Center, and Spohn recommended in his report that a warrant should be sought for the girl’s arrest
    Spohn arrested the driver, Logan Bishop, 17, on charges of reckless driving and possession of marijuana in a drug free zone, Brown County Jail records state.
    According to Spohn’s report:
    Spohn was stopped at a red light shortly before 7:20 p.m. at Austin and Avenue K when he saw an SUV traveling north on Austin at high speed. The SUV, which had its hazard lights flashing, swung wide to the left and ran the red light at Austin and Avenue K, and Spohn heard other vehicles honking at the SUV.
    Spohn made a U-turn, activated his patrol vehicle’s emergency lights and began attempting a traffic stop. The driver ran a red light at Austin and Coggin and drove over the Bill Monroe Overpass in excess of 60 mph, then ran a reds at Austin and Fisk and Austin and Main.
    The driver stopped in the 900 block of West Austin. Spohn and other officers conducted a “high risk stop,” removing the driver at gunpoint. The driver, identified as Bishop, said his girlfriend was “dying.” Spohn saw a girl slumped over the front passenger seat with her head on the center console. Spohn saw empty bottles of whiskey and brandy by the girl’s feet.
    Spohn checked the girl’s pulse, which was strong, and requested EMS. Bishop told Spohn he was speeding because he was taking his girlfriend to Bangs. When Spohn asked Bishop why he didn’t call 9-1-1 or take the girl to the hospital, Bishop said a family member told him to bring the girl to their residence in Bangs so she could check on the girl.
    Spohn located marijuana in Bishop’s pockets, the officer’s report states. Bishop said he had not consumed marijuana or alcohol but Spohn smelled marijuana on Bishop’s breath and noticed his eyes were bloodshot, Spohn’s report states.
    The girl became coherent and stepped out of the vehicle, breathing heavy and displaying extreme paranoia, Spohn’s report states. The girl told Spohn she bought marijuana and smoked it 15 minutes earlier. Cpl. Brandon Miller located marijuana in the passenger side door jam.
    Spohn alleged in his report that Bishop “operated a vehicle with deliberate disregard for public safety,” traveling at more than 20 mph over the speed limit and running multiple red lights at high speed. Bishop told Spohn he only cared about his girlfriend and did not care about other motorists at the time, Spohn’s report states.