Dan Olin Jr., the 43-year-old Brownwood man 25-year prison sentence for  continuous sexual abuse of a young child or children was overturned in February, took a deal this week for a 10-year prison sentence.
    Olin pleaded guilty in 35th District Court to aggravated sexual assault, court documents state. District Judge Steve Ellis approved the plea bargain and assessed the 10-year sentence.
    Olin stood trial in December, when a jury convicted him and set punishment at 25 years in prison. In February,  Ellis set aside the conviction and prison sentence and granted appellate attorney Erika Copeland’s motion for a new trial. The jury that convicted Olin in December was inadvertently given access to evidence that had not been admitted during the trial, Ellis ruled in a court order.
    That evidence was “clearly detrimental to (Olin’s) case,” Ellis wrote in the court order.
    Assistant District Attorney Elisha Bird, who prosecuted the case, contended that the disputed evidence had been admitted during the trial, even though the jury never saw the evidence until in the jury room for deliberations.
“Our office is grateful that we were able to hold Olin accountable for his actions,” Bird said after Olin’s plea deal. “Although we would have liked to have been able to see even greater accountability, we believe that respecting the desires of the victims’ family and protecting the mental health and welfare of the child victims involved was of the utmost importance.
    “We were thankful that we could do so in a manner that requires Olin to register for life as a sex offender and receive a conviction for aggravated sexual assault and time in prison.”    Olin was accused by indictment of sexually abusing a girl under 17 and a second girl under 14 two or more times from October 2014 to October 2015.