In 2017 McCoy’s Building Supply is celebrating the 90th anniversary of its first store in Galveston, Texas, opened by Frank McCoy in 1927 as the McCoy Roofing Company.   

The company has since expanded to 87 locations in five states, including one right here in Brownwood. But according to M.J. Toops, a McCoy’s communications specialist, McCoy’s aims for a personal touch in every community it serves.   

“We know that building relationships is key to our success and growth,” Toops said in an email this week. “So whether we’re learning customers’ names or participating in chamber of commerce events, we want everyone in the community to know about McCoy’s and trust us as the best place to go for their building material needs.”   

Brownwood store manager Toni Hill affirmed this approach on Friday. “When I hire somebody I tell them, don’t be surprised if you see the same people every day,” Hill said. “We have such a good relationship with those people. We talk to them about their kids and their families, and they become part of us. Obviously it creates loyalty, but it’s also more fun for us.”   

Hill said she personally loves working for the Brownwood location, which she said is “more hometown, more simple and more personalized.”   

“We’re so unique. I wouldn’t be anywhere else in the world,” Hill said.   

The competitive landscape for hardware stores has changed a lot in the past 90 years. The McCoy’s website says the company has had to adapt to the times. “By 1995 the incredible expansion of Home Depot and Lowe’s threatened the company’s very existence,” it says. But CEO Brian McCoy says on the site that McCoy’s adjusted its business plan and “persevered.”   

One thing that McCoy’s hasn’t adjusted is its commitment to closing on Sundays to promote family values. Toops said the day off is a “huge part” of the McCoy’s culture.    

“We really can’t imagine things any other way,” Toops said. “We have a sentence on our website that says, ‘Although we know some customers enjoy being able to shop whenever they wish, others shop with us six days a week precisely because we are closed on Sundays.’ That really sums up some of our philosophy on this.”   

Moving forward, Toops said McCoy’s is focused on something called “Next Gen Leadership” that will help develop new leaders for the company’s stores and headquarters in San Marcos. “This internal growth is designed to keep McCoy’s growing and relevant in the future,” Toops said.   

There’s no doubt the building supply industry will continue to evolve over the next 90 years. But McCoy’s is banking on its commitment to quality and customer service to keep it relevant in an ever-changing market for years to come.   

McCoy’s offers a variety of products and services for builders, farmers, ranchers and home improvers. The Brownwood McCoy’s is located at 3605 Hwy. 377.