The second annual Brownwood Skate Competition will be this Saturday at 12 p.m. at the Skate Park on Austin Ave. next to East Elementary School.   

Skaters of all ages and skill levels are invited to the contest, which was held for the first time last November shortly after the park opened to the public. Brownwood resident and longtime skateboarder Chance Lewis is organizing this year’s competition.   

Lewis said it wasn’t clear how the inaugural event was going to turn out last year. “We kind of just started from scratch and threw it together,” he said of the 2016 contest. “But the turnout was actually way larger than we expected. We had guys from Abilene and San Angelo, and I got some of my friends from Austin to come down.”   

He said the event’s goal was always to “plant the seeds” for the Brownwood skate community. “I saw the success of it last year, and I want to continue that and expand it as much as possible until we can eventually support, possibly, a skate shop and funding for maybe even a larger skate park.”   

The event will have events for beginners, intermediate riders and experts. There will be a free-skate “jam” session for beginners and intermediates, where judges will watch for the most impressive rider, and the experts will compete in individual runs.   

There will also be a game of “S.K.A.T.E.” after the runs, in which riders will attempt to match each other trick-for-trick. There will be no entry fee for the other events, but S.K.A.T.E. participants can enter for $5 and the prize money will be shared between the winner and runner-up.   

A best trick competition will round out the activities for the day. Lewis said all entrants will receive a free pizza meal.   

He said spectators are welcome at the skate park. “If you don’t skate, then it kind of blows your mind seeing them flip the board all crazy, jump down stuff and skate the rails. It’s pretty wild. I definitely encourage people who don’t skate to come out and just watch.”   

And for those who need new gear, Abilene’s Primal Skateshop will be on site with skateboards and other equipment.   

Right now there are only a handful of regulars at the Brownwood Skate Park. Lewis hopes that events like Saturday’s will inspire a new generation of shredders and soarers. “Our whole goal is to grow the skate community.”