Laverne Conn told a 35th District Court jury Thursday she needs her son at home to run the family ranch in the Dallas area.

       “There’s work to do. A 75-year-old woman can’t do it,” Conn said as jurors heard punishment testimony following the drug-related conviction of her son, Tracy Conn III, 45 — his 11th felony conviction.

       Conn, of Lewisville, was sentenced to 99 years in prison for possessing with intent to deliver nearly 30 grams of methamphetamine. The same jury that sentenced Conn returned a guilty verdict Wednesday.

       Conn, who has been to prison three times in the past 10 years, faced a minimum of 25 years and a maximum of 99 years or life in prison, attorneys said.

       Conn and his co-defendants were arrested after sheriff’s narcotics investigator Carlyle Gover followed up on information about a car that would be traveling in Brownwood, occupied by two men and a woman and carrying a large amount of methamphetamine for distribution, sheriff’s officials said earlier.

       The cases against Conn’s co-defendants, Mandy Hardin, 43, of Brownwood, and Homero Retana, 39, of Farmer’s Branch, are pending.

     Temani Adams, a member of Conn’s Dallas-based defense team, tried to convince jurors the drugs belonged to Hardin.

       While defense witnesses including Conn’s mother said Conn is a good, hard-working person, prosecutor Chris Brown reminded jurors that Conn could have been running the family ranch. But Conn is going to deal drugs “because that’s what he has chosen to do. You can’t fix that,” Brown told jurors.

       In unrelated cases:

        Joshua James Stovall pleaded guilty to evidence tampering and was sentenced to six years in prison. Stovall pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance and delivery of a controlled substance and was sentenced to two years in prison.

       Stovall also pleaded guilty to another case of possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver and burglary of a habitation and was placed on 10 years probation in those cases.

         Sandy Leigh Crouch, on probation for assault on a public servant, was revoked and sentenced to two years in prison.

       Michael Allen Moore, on probation for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, was adjudicated and sentenced to five years in prison.