The City of Bangs announced ‘Hotel Transylvania’ will be the first film shown as part of the city’s new movie night in the park event.

During the City of Bangs Economic Development Commission meeting this past week, board president and Bang City Council member Carrol Wells said the new outdoor theater system has been purchased and will begin showing films as part of quarterly events soon.

“We’re doing movies in the park Oct. 20. It’s a large screen and the movie will be free to the public,” Wells said.

In August, the Bangs Municipal Development District approved allocating $3,000 to the Bangs Parks and Recreation Department to purchase the outdoor movie system. At the time, parks and recreation board president Toby Bowers said the purchase was part of a program to draw more people to the Bangs Community Events Center, which until now has mostly hosted baseball and softball games. With its oak trees and grassy knolls Bowers believes the park has much more possibilities than youth and adult recreation and hopes programs such as movie night in the park inspire citizens to use the center to its full potential.

“It’s huge for a community the size of Bangs,” Bowers said. “Especially around bigger cities, you’re starting to see a lot of people moving into small communities. We’ve always kind of been a neighbor to Brownwood and everything everybody wants is just eight miles down the road. We’re really wanting to begin to develop things that keep people at home and have things at home to do so they don’t have to travel elsewhere.”

When first reported, Bowers said Wells was one of the first to volunteer to run the concession stands. The funds raised from the concession stands will go to purchase the rights to the next film the parks and recreation department plans to exhibit.

“You can’t just go down and rent a movie to play. You have to purchase a license from a licensing company,” Bowers said. “You purchase the license to show the movie in public. There are two different licensing companies – Criterion and Swank are the two, big companies and they represent different studios, which also represent different movies. It’s anywhere from $250 all the way up to $400, depending on the age of the movie and what studio has the license.”

Wells said the movies in the park will more than likely become a quarterly event, due to the cost of purchasing the licenses, but should ‘Hotel Transylvania’ draw a significant crowd that could change.

“It’s a first attempt to do something down at the event center other than baseball or softball so we can try and encourage other people to use it,” Wells said. “…. We’re hoping to be able to make enough off of the concession stand to buy the next movie. We talked about that, maybe quarterly or something like that. If there is a huge turnout, then maybe we can do one every month.”

Wells said the only thing about movies in the park that makes her nervous is the screen itself. Due to its lightweight nylon construction, she feels a strong wind could ruin the event and moving the screen to a vacant ball field may not be an option.

“I am not that satisfied how the screen is going to stay up. It runs on air so it has to keep air in it all of the time,” Wells said. “It has to be tied down and the wind blows it. It’s a back-view projector so we talked about maybe putting it on one of the softball fields and using the backstop to hold it. Then, we’re thinking all of that chain-link fence might distort the view. Just a little bit of wind blew it around and it’s a very small [air compressor] … It’s a huge screen. There are lots of changes coming down the pipes that is for sure.”