One week into dove hunting season, many sportsmen have their sights turned toward a prize of a different sort.

The Brownwood Area Chamber of Commerce assembled a coupon book from chamber members to give to hunters when they check-in to local hotels, and hunters will also have the opportunity to win one of two guns from Weakley-Watson Sporting Goods.

“By distributing the coupon book and chance to win a gun through hotels, we are able to reach more hunters, and show them that Brownwood appreciates that they are here,” Emily Crawford, chamber tourism director, said. “We have already had hunters come to the chamber’s Visitor Center to thank us for the coupon book, and get more information on other things to do in Brownwood while they are here.”

The book features 25 discount offers from 19 chamber members.

Crawford said the purpose of the coupon book is two-fold.

“First, we want to encourage out-of-town hunters to shop locally while they are here,” she said. “Second, we want to appreciate all the hunters who come from out-of-town to our area for dove and deer season.”

In past years, a dove hunter’s lunch was held on the opening weekend of dove season. During the two years the dinner was held, about 30 percent of the attendees were from outside Brown County. “We wanted to find a way to show appreciation to more hunters who come to Brown County over the fall and winter hunting seasons,” Crawford said.

Coupons are valid Aug. 28 through Jan. 18, corresponding to dove and deer seasons. Vendors are asked to keep the coupons when redeemed and return them to the Chamber, so it can keep track of the effectiveness of the program.