When George Caldwell and his wife Jessica, moved from Brazoria County to Brownwood to find property, he expected a rural city with “most everything you need.” What he discovered since then is a rural city with a lot of hospitality and people who treat him and his family with “a lot of respect.”

Caldwell, who is one of the new part-time security deputies at the Brown County Courthouse said he first found out about the part-time job to be a reserve security officer in January of this year.

“We moved here in December 2008 and I heard they were hiring part-time so I applied and they gave it to me,” Caldwell said.

But Caldwell did not stay as a reserve officer for long. In June, he said he still kept his part-time hours of about 20, but gained full-time status. The main difference, he said, is the license.

Although Caldwell is working part-time, this is not his first gig in law enforcement. In fact, not only does he have a master’s certificate in law enforcement, but he has involved himself in a couple of different law enforcement positions before arriving in Brownwood.

Caldwell said he originally started at the Department of Corrections in Brazoria County in 1969 and worked there for seven or eight years. He said he worked in the sheriff’s office in Brazoria County as the lieutenant training coordinator and in crime prevention for 23 years as well, before he retired.

“I have been around and done a lot of things. I enjoyed doing what I did there and I still enjoy what I do here,” Caldwell said.

Some of the responsibilities Caldwell says that he has are helping maintain security of the courthouse, being a bailiff for the court and making sure someone does not start a “squabble.”

“So far everything has been pretty routine. People have really been accepting of the new security measures. I would say about 95 per cent have been supportive,” Caldwell said.

Caldwell says performing all these responsibilities part-time at the courthouse still allows him to enjoy working on his property as well as meeting a lot of people in town.

“I really enjoy dealing with people, especially at the front door. If they look unhappy, I try to perk them up and be friendly to them,” Caldwell said.

His friendliness not only helps people, but also with the calmness and the cooperativeness of people who arrive at the courthouse.

“I think it’s hard to be unhappy with someone who is treating you nice. That’s what I try to do,” Caldwell said.

Peers of Caldwell have also noticed his positive attitude and the way he deals with people who arrive at the courthouse.

“He deals with the public well. He’s a nice guy,” fellow security deputy, Kevin Morton said.