Kids and animals have always been “pet” projects for Johnnie “Nonnie” Golden.

So, Golden’s goal of getting a special monthly newsletter about animals, “Kind News,” to every elementary school student in Brown County for the nine-month school year is a logical one. It’s a publication of the Humane Society of the United States.

Until last year, grants had been available to fund the $4,500 needed getting “Kind News” for the kindergarten through sixth grade children in Brown County elementary schools, and Golden helped head up the project. Then last year, the grant ran out, and Golden led a fund-raising drive and the necessary $4,500 came from businesses and individual donations from throughout the county.

“I was so proud of how people stepped up and contributed,” Golden said. “I was so pleased we could do this for our children. But a new year is about to start, and we need the money again.”

Golden said some of the $4,500 has been raised, but about $3,000 is needed.

According to Golden, a $30 contribution will afford a class of 28 nine editions of “Kind News,” plus the teacher’s guide that comes with each issue and teachers also receive a mega-sized calendar poster of fun facts and tips and have access to reproducible worksheets to supplement each issue. The classroom newspaper features articles, activities, puzzles and celebrity interviews that emphasize the importance of kindness and help children put basic values like compassion, responsibility and respect into practice.

“We know — we have testimonies from kids — how much the kids enjoy ‘Kind News,’” Golden said. “Even with all the technology children have access to these days, there is something special for them to have their own paper to read. And ‘Kind News’ is very interesting. I’ve learned things from reading it, and I haven’t been in school in years.”

Golden said that while she is seeking businesses and civic groups to sponsor schools and classes, anyone can be involved, and, she said, “no contribution is too small. Maybe someone can’t spare $30, but one person and two friends can each put in $10 and sponsor a whole class for the whole school year.”

All donations are tax-deductible, Golden said.

Donors may select a specific classroom to receive “Kind News” and specify a school or district in Brown County they want to sponsor. Checks or money orders may be made payable to Corinne T. Smith Animal Center with a notation that the donation is for the “Kind News” Adopt-a-Classroom program; P.O. Box 1105, Brownwood, TX 76804.

For more information, contact Golden at 646-8517.