Jenna Lyons’ favorite TV shows are “Animal Planet” or the programs about animals being rescued.

But the 8-year-old is taking her interest from something she watches on TV to something in her own home town that she can actually do.

When Jenna heard about the “Raise the Woof” capitol campaign to raise about $300,000 to build and furnish a new facility for Corinne T. Smith Animal Center, which is area’s only stray and lost animal shelter, she decided she could help.

How much does it cost for the center to operate just for one day? Jenna wondered. The correct answer is $850. And so, Jenna asked, if she raised that much money, could she run the center for a day.

“We said, ‘You betcha,’” said Randee “Rags” Green, who is the campaign chairman for Raise the Woof.

After running a very successful lemonade stand for a day and holding a garage sale last Saturday, Jenna is about half way to her goal.

“She’s looking for ideas to raise more money,” her mother, Shannon Lyons, said. “Jenna’s serious about this and we’re sure she’s going to make it.”

Another fund-raising effort, Jenna is trying is having a collection can on the counter at Austin Avenue Animal Clinic.

“Maybe people will put their change in the can,” she said. “Every little bit helps.”

Jenna is the daughter of Michael and Shannon Lyons, and she is a second-grader at East Elementary.

“I like all animals,” Jenna said. “It makes me sad, a little, to come to the shelter, to see the homeless pets. If I could, I’d probably take them all home. But they’re happy just for a short visit.”

Though she loves dogs, Jenna said she is probably a little more partial to cats. And better than cats, she likes kittens.

On Tuesday, on a visit to the center, Jenna made a point of going to each cage and visiting with each animal. Her favorites included a corgi, and a Dalmatian and some young terriers that could almost jump over their kennel gate.

“When they get the new center it will be better,” Jenna said. “They’ll have bigger kennels, better cages and it will just be nicer.”

Anyone wishing to contribute to Jenna’s goal of running the center for the day, can send a donation with the notation that the money is for Jenna Lyons’ drive to the Raise the Woof Capital Campaign; P.O. Box 1105; Brownwood, TX 76804.