Brown County Surveyor Don King asked county commissioners on Monday for at least partial reimbursement for what he said is almost $10,000 spent on survey work to establish an accurate and certifiable flood plain level at Lake Brownwood.

King explained that as an elected official, he is not paid a salary, but can be paid for blueprints and materials, though he has never asked for reimbursement for those. But he said he has spent many hours and had to hire help in an attempt to find the more than 40 fixed point monuments in Brown County that were established in the 1920s and ’30s. Six of the monuments or fixed points have been found, King said, and he’s been paying most of the expenses of the tedious and precise surveys – the second of which was completed on Sunday – out of pocket. The surveys have required him renting three GPS satellite units for five days at $300 a day. There have been numerous other expenses King said. The goal is to have National Geodetic Survey certification on the completed surveys.

FEMA is required to accept NGS certified mean sea level measurements and establish the flood plain at the certified measurement.

After lengthy explanation and some discussion in court Monday, commissioners took no action. Brown County Judge Ray West advised King to find or collect all paper work and meet with County Auditor Nina Cox. The City of Brownwood, Brown County Water District and the county will likely share in the expenses, and some reimbursement will be arranged, West said, “but paperwork will need to be in order.”

Then next Monday, the court will consider a budget amendment for partial reimbursement.

In other business Monday, the court:

• Approved an Inter local Agreement regarding the 9-1-1 Automatic Location Information Maintenance Service between Brown County and the Council of Governments;

• Voted to change the effective date for the Flexible Benefits Plan for Sept. 1 to Oct. 1 to coincide with the county fiscal year;

• Approved two new Brown County Sheriff’s Office employees to replace vacancies in the jail staff;

• Heard a report from Jule Richmond with the Pecan Bayou Soil Conservation District, stating the district had received $242,781 of $1.1 million in state grants, but that a 10 percent match or $26,975 is required from local government entities for eligibility. According to West, the county and municipal governments already budget matching money which comes to $20,000 a year, or $40,000 for the biennial period of September 2009, to September 2011.