Brownwood apparently does not feel like home to a 20-year-old man from out-of-town who was stabbed in the leg after attending the Reunion.

“Every time I come to Brownwood some (expletive) happens,” officer Anna Sturgeon’s report quoted Nicholas Delgado as saying. “I was just chillin’ with my homeboy and some chicks when some dude I don’t know attacks me!”

No one has been arrested.

Sturgeon was dispatched Sunday morning to the Brownwood Regional Medical Center emergency room on a report that a man had a stab wound to the leg. Delgado and a friend were in an exam room, and Delgado, who had a towel wrapped around his leg, said he was in town to visit family during the Reunion, Sturgeon’s report states.

He said he and his friend were walking around at the Reunion Saturday night when a blond woman asked them to go to her apartment at Brownwood Apartments to “hang out.” They had been there a few minutes when Delgado heard a noise at the door and the woman said it was her ex-boyfriend.

A man “burst” through the front door, cursing, and said to leave his girl alone. Delgado said he and the man fought, and the man pulled out a pocket knife and stabbed him in the leg.

Delgado’s friend gave police the same details. The friend told police now that he thinks back on it, he thinks it is odd because neither he nor Delgado knew the woman who invited them to her apartment. The friend said he thinks the incident was a retaliation for a two-year old incident, saying now that he was thinking about it, “things like today just don’t happen.”

In other incidents:

• A man entered Checks Plus Thusday and asked to cash a cashier’s check for $1,993 drawn on a bank in Illinois. An employee inspected the check, said it was fraudulent and told him if he did manage to cash it somewhere, he would be liable for the amount.

The man returned Friday morning and a different employee cashed the check, unaware it was fraudulent. The employee recognized the 28-year-old man and the business wants to prosecute for theft.

• Officer Aaron Taylor arrested Phillip Reyes, 28, on charges of injury to a child and assault family violence after an incident involving a man, his common-law wife and their infant daughter.

Taylor was dispatched to a report of a disturbance late Sunday night to the 2300 block of Main. The woman said no family violence had occurred, and Taylor did not do a report because of the couple’s statements and lack of evidence.

Taylor was dispatched to the same address at 1:58 a.m. Monday, where the woman said the man had injured their child in the previous incident. She said she had denied any violence because she did not want to get the man in trouble and feared involvement by CPS.

The woman said the man became angry after an argument and punched a coffee table, sending objects flying through the air. One of the objects, a plastic bottle of Johnson’s baby lotion, hit the baby’s face, leaving a small bruise. She told Taylor she was holding the baby when the man assaulted her and hit the baby twice while trying to hit her.

The woman took the baby, who had two red marks on the top of her head and the bruise on her face, to the hospital for evaluation. Another officer radioed that the man was walking up to the residence and Taylor told the officer to arrest him, Taylor’s report states. Police notified CPS.

• Officer Shade Tidwell was dispatched to Texas Feathers, 2702 Morris Shepherd, on a report that someone had damaged five air conditioners and taken the copper tubing from the units.

• A man told police someone entered his unlocked pickup in the 600 block of China and took his wallet with $10 and cigarettes. He said he recently sold a vehicle and all his friends knew he had some money. He told police he thinks a good friend who just stays with friends and has no phone might have committed the crime. He said he’ll ask the friend the next time he sees him if he took the wallet.

• Someone took a CD player from a vehicle parked in the 1700 block of Main. The owner said he had forgotten to lock the vehicle.

• Someone took a weed eater from an attached garage in the 2100 block of Avenue K. The owner believes the thief entered through an unlocked side door.

• Someone took an air compressor from a flower bed in the 4100 block of Austin. The owner said he’d been working on his house and left it there.