People hesitated when the metal detector beeped as they passed through it Monday inside the south side of the Brown County Courthouse, unsure if they were supposed to do something.

Not just yet.

“Come on through. We’re just testing the system,” courthouse deputy Kevin Morton told each person who triggered a beep and a red light indicating where the metal object was located.

The new security system will probably be operational later this week, Sheriff Bobby Grubbs said. In the meantime, the equipment is being calibrated and adjusted, Grubbs said.

When it becomes operational, people who trigger an alarm will be asked to place any metal objects they have in a basket and step through the detector again.

Weapons won’t be allowed inside the courthouse, and that includes pocket knives, even though most people who carry them don’t intend to use them as weapons, Grubbs said.

Sheriff’s officials had hoped to have the security system operational June 1, but that was delayed as officials awaited the arrival of a lock mechanism and emergency exit bar for the door on the north side of the courthouse.

That equipment has arrived, Grubbs said.

Once the security measures are in place, the general public will enter the courthouse through the main entrance of the south side of the building, the side with the veterans’ memorial monuments in the courtyard. Those with disabilities will enter from the north side of the building, where there is an ADA-approved ramp, and sheriff’s officers will bring prisoners through a north side entrance as well.