District Attorney Micheal Murray rested the state’s case Friday against Jessie McCord, and defense attorney Evan Jones began putting on his case with the testimony of several witnesses.

McCord, 46, pleaded guilty Monday to murdering his ex-wife, Denise Banks, on Aug. 20, 2008, and a 35th District Court jury is hearing testimony before determining McCord’s punishment.

Banks, 59, sustained a fatal stab wound to her neck and two additional stab wounds to her chest and abdomen, testimony has shown.

She was killed in the home on Kyle Street in Bangs she had sometimes shared with McCord despite the couple’s divorce in 2004.

District Judge Steve Ellis told jurors his best guess is that they will have the case for deliberation no later that Wednesday.

Jones indicated in his opening statement Monday that McCord will testify.

Before the prosecution rested Friday, First Assistant District Attorney Sam Moss introduced evidence showing McCord has five previous felony and seven previous misdemeanor convictions in his past, and has used crack cocaine.

McCord’s sister and several people who were acquainted with Banks or McCord testified as defense witnesses. McCord’s sister testified that Banks had told her she’d used crack cocaine and that she’d once seen Banks slap McCord. She also testified that she’d once seen Banks sitting in a car with another man.

Murray asked McCord’s sister on cross-examination if she was suggesting that Banks deserved to have been murdered. She began crying uncontrollably when Murray asked her if she had known McCord had thrown Banks out with the trash. She said she was unaware of that, sobbing so hard that Ellis called a recess.