Shanda Lean Foster watched quietly along with jurors in 35th District Court Tuesday as a trooper’s video depicted a shrieking young woman.

“Oh my God … oh my God … no! I’ve got my pill … John! … I do not have dope in my hand!” the woman wailed on the video.

“Open your mouth … open your mouth … trooper David Stewart, also shown on the video, said sternly. “Shanda, relax. It’s going to get worse … What did you take? What did you take?”

Foster was the woman on the video, which was recorded from Stewart’s patrol car’s camera during a July 5, 2008, traffic stop near Lake Brownwood.

Foster, 32, was arrested after the traffic stop and is standing trial on charges of possession of a controlled substance and evidence tampering.

Prosecutor Sam Moss and defense attorney Jimmy Stewart rested their cases Tuesday afternoon after daylong trial. Moss and Jimmy Stewart will present closing arguments this morning and the case will go to the jury.

Jimmy Stewart told jurors they will have to determine whether Foster was in possession of a controlled substance and whether she had concealed evidence or taken a prescription Xanax tablet because she was nervous.

Foster was arrested after David Stewart stopped a pickup, occupied by Foster and her boyfriend John McDonald, on a traffic violation, testimony showed.

The prosecution contends that Foster had methamphetamine in her purse and that she swallowed a small plastic baggie after Stewart, already suspicious that there drugs or weapons in the truck, ordered Foster to put her hands on the truck’s dashboard.

She did so, with one hand open and the other clenched, the testimony showed.

Stewart could see that she had an object in her clinched hand, and before he could stop her, she shoved it in her mouth and swallowed it, according to testimony.

Foster told Stewart she had swallowed a Xanax tablet, and Stewart learned that she did have a prescription for Xanax, testimony showed. But another trooper who arrived to assist, found methamphetamine in Foster’s purse, and authorities could never determine what substance Foster had actually swallowed, according to testimony.

Stewart testified that he suspected she had swallowed a baggie of methamphetamine, not Xanax.

Jimmy Stewart told jurors in his opening statement that they would have to determine whether Foster was in possession of methamphetamine and whether she had actually concealed evidence or taken a prescription Xanax tablet.