Health inspector Paul Coghlan and retired teacher Jim Byrd have teamed up to form Born Again Bicycles, a ministry that is partnering with the Salvation Army in Brownwood to get refurbished and donated bicycles to new owners.

Many of the bicycles will be ones that have ended up in the Brownwood Police Depart-mentís bike impound area but have never been claimed.

Coghlan and Byrd, accompanied by Salvation Army director Donna Harris and Police Chief Virgil Cowin, displayed their first batch of 14 bicycles ó childrenís and adultís ó Wednesday at the Salvation Army building.

Born Again Bicycles will welcome donations of bicycles from individuals or families.

Coghlan and Byrd are doing the work themselves to refurbish bicycles that arenít in good condition when the ministry obtains them.

The 14 bicycles at the Salvation Army were among 26 the Police Department gave to Born Again Bicycles. The other 12 are awaiting parts.

The ministry is similar to the Matthew 25 ministry in Coleman, which Coghlan and Byrd also work with.

The Salvation Army will coordinate getting the bicycles to the recipients, and it will be on a first-come, first-serve basis, Harris said.

Anyone interested in obtaining or donating a bicycle should contact the Salvation Army at 646-5369.

Cowin said the Police Department is proud to be able to donate bicycles from its impound area.