Special to the Bulletin

The Brownwood Police Department and the Brown County Sheriff’s Department encourages every parent to work with the police and sheriff’s department in ensuring every child has a safe Halloween.

Law enforcement officials urged parents to please remember and go over the following safety rules:

• Don’t let children Trick or Treat without adult supervision.

• Trick-or-treat in groups.

• Provide flashlights for each group.

• Use reflective tape or material on costumes or clothing.

• Remind children to use caution when stepping between parked vehicles or when crossing the street.

• Remind children not to enter houses while trick-or-treating.

• Remind children to allow parents to inspect candy and any treats before eating them.

The police and sheriff’s departments encourage parents who allow their children to trick-or-treat to do so at relatives’ and friends’ homes and churches and businesses providing activities and treats in safe and controlled environments.

The police and sheriff’s departments will provide treats for children Halloween night between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. Friday at the Law Enforcement Center, 1050 W. Commerce.