The transport program operated by the Corinne T. Smith Animal Center is in need of more volunteers with large vehicles and donations of money to buy fuel.

Center officials said every week, an average of 50 animals are transported to the Dallas area for placement in various adoption programs.

“By doing this, we are guaranteeing that these animals will be placed in a ‘no-kill’ shelter, and then adopted into the best forever homes,” volunteer Johnnie Golden said. “The SPCA in Dallas constantly praises us for bringing them such great dogs for adoption through their shelter.”

The greatest benefit of the transport program is that large numbers of animals are spared from euthanasia. The animal center constantly runs out of room for all the animals that are brought into the center either because they are surrendered by owners or picked up as stray by animal control officers.

“To successfully run this program, we are in dire need of volunteers with large vehicles to transport the animals and money to pay for the gas required,” Golden said. “It is our wish to one day have a good working van to use for this program so the animals can be transported safely in an air-conditioned or heated environment.”

Anyone who can help with this program is asked to call volunteer coordinator Joann Manigold or office manager Dena Green at (325) 646-0617, or Ed Golden at (325) 647-5019 or (325) 646-8517.