Brownwood Bulletin

The lesson when sighting in a deer rifle might be: stay away from the target while your cousin is shooting at it.

A 21-year-old Zephyr man told police he and his cousin were sighting in a 30-06 rifle on Oct. 6, shooting down into a tank dam, a report by Brownwood officer Ray Slayton states.

The wind kept blowing over the target, so the man decided to stay next to the target and pick it up when the wind blew it over.

His cousin fired several bullets at the target. It fell, the man picked it up, and his cousin fired again while the man was too close to the target. The bullet hit a rock and exploded into several pieces, which hit the man in his right arm, left shoulder and face, Slaytonís report states.

The man tried to remove the debris, then went to the Brownwood Regional Medical Center on Thursday to seek help. Slayton was dispatched to the emergency room to take a report.