A north Brownwood man told police he’d warned his neighbor to keep her dog out of his yard.

The 53-year-old man made good on his threat Friday to “do something” to the Pomeranian the next time he saw the animal in his yard in the 2600 block of North Main Boulevard, a report by officer Zane Taylor states.

“Yeah, I did it. I ran over it,” Taylor’s report quoted the man as saying. The dog, named Oreo, was killed, and Taylor saw the dog’s body in a nearby plastic trash container.

Taylor is seeking a warrant for cruelty to animals, his report states.

Oreo’s owner, a 46-year-old woman, told Taylor she would let the dog outside to exercise and relieve himself. She tried to keep an eye on him to make sure he stayed in her yard, but she was on the phone Friday when she saw Oreo in her neighbor’s yard, Taylor’s report states.

The woman told Taylor she started to walk across the street to retrieve Oreo when her neighbor drove up in his vehicle, accelerated and swerved into his yard, striking the dog. He carried the dog to an alley and put it in the trash container, the woman told Taylor.

Taylor saw tire tacks across the man’s yard. The man came outside, agitated, and told Taylor he’d told the woman on several occasions to keep the dog out of his yard. It “ticked him off” when he saw Oreo relieving himself in his yard, he told Taylor.