Brownwood school administrators plan to wait until after Labor Day to announce complete numbers, but so far, it appears that district enrollment is climbing.

“It looks like we may need to add another kindergarten class,” Dr. Reece Blincoe, told members of the board of trustees Monday. “Classes are full at Woodland Heights and East, and we’re over 14 at Northwest.” East has an available kindergarten classroom, so that is probably where the additional class would be added.

“This falls into the area of a good problem to have,” Blincoe said.

Enrollment at Brownwood High School has hit 854 students, Blincoe added, but the district still has plenty of laptop computers to distribute to each one. The schools ordered approximately 900 computers for students over the summer, plus an additional number for teachers.

The only school experiencing a decline in enrollment is Coggin Elementary, the consolidated fourth grade campus, Blincoe said. For some reason, that class has just been smaller than others around it since students that age first started in kindergarten.

Blincoe said the it will be difficult to compare this year’s enrollment with 2008 until after Labor Day, because the numbers took a dip in early September last year. That left administrators questioning the accuracy of the initial head count.

Typically, enrollment inches up during the first days of the fall semester until after the Labor Day holiday passes.

The state bases its public school funding on a formula that used average daily attendance, so higher enrollments — which drive higher attendance — provides school districts with additional revenue.