Robert Divin, new general manager of Stanley Dodge Brownwood, formerly known as Randolph Chrysler, credits the local community for the dealership not being among the 789 forced to close.

“When Chrysler did the shut downs, this lot was not affected,” Divin said. “And it is because the community patronized.”

Earlier this month, every dealership was sent a letter, stating whether their lots would remain open, or be forced to close, Divin said.

“Fortunately, we were not on that list,” Divin said.

Although it is disappointing to see so many lots close, Chrysler made a wise decision in choosing which dealerships would receive a closure letter, Divan said, which is now being referred to as the “hit list,” and which would remain in business.

“It was an intelligent move on the part of Chrysler to leave many of the rural dealerships open,” Divin said. “In my experience, people tend to buy from their own community. It is a more family-type atmosphere when you start reaching out into rural areas.”

“Giving back to the community” is important to the dealership, Divin said during a recent customer appreciation day at the dealership.

“They give to us by purchasing our product,” Divin said. “We want to give back. If we are going to ask people to spend thousands of dollars on vehicles, it is important we put some of that money back into the community.”

As a father to three daughters, Divin said the dealership plans to become involved with local youth.

“I believe everyone should be involved with children,” Divin said. “They are our future.”

With the acquisition of Chrysler’s “good assets” by Italian automaker Fiat, customers will soon have more options to choose from when shopping.

“There will definitely be more options out there,” Divin said. “Fiat produces vehicles overseas that are extremely fuel efficient and are comparable with other vehicles and their safety standards.”

Offering a different type of vehicle will also allow the dealership to serve a new set of customers,” Divin said.

“Selling the Fiat product will let us serve a different type of clientel,” Divin said. “With the cost of everything going up, we could have a mom or a dad or a married couple who are concerned about buying a larger vehicle because of the cost of fuel. Now, they will have that option to buy something smaller that alleviates those concerns.”

Divin feels confident that new product and a loyal customer base will allow the dealership to continue to succeed.

“We now have more options,” Divin said. “And more importantly, we are located in a great community with wonderful people.”

Divin said the dealership has taken receipt of new inventory which will be arriving soon.