On the next-to-last day of school, many students are already looking ahead to their summer vacations. With gas at all-time high prices, and no relief on the horizon, extensive travel may be a burden for some families, but if seven kindergarten students from East Elementary are any indication, there is plenty to do right here around Brown County. During a break Wednesday afternoon, the students, from Melanie Bailey’s class, spoke about their plans for the summer.

Gage Terrill said he and his family are going camping. It will be his first time to camp, but not his first time fishing.

“We are going to go to Canyon Lake. We’re going to fish and swim and camp. The biggest fish I ever caught was from here to here (pointing at two spots about three feet apart).”

Drew Hagler will be hanging out.

“I’m going to go to the (Brownwood) Country Club and go fishing and go boating. I’m also going to play golf.”

He said the most fun part of the school year for him was getting to be with his friends in class.

Madison Arial will also be staying in the area, and said she plans to spend time at Lake Brownwood.

“Swimming, I think we’re going to go to the lake and swim. My favorite thing to do is fish while I’m there.”

She said she’s also looking forward to getting to sleep late and not having to get up early for school.

Alyssa Salazar will be hitting the road to celebrate her birthday in July.

“We’re going to Schlitterbahn to celebrate my birthday. I get to invite four people to go with me. We’ve gone every time I’ve had a birthday.”

Aleyia Cotton said she thinks she might go camping, but isn’t sure where.

“We might go camping, I think, inside or outside my house. I haven’t been camping before. I think I might like it inside better.”

Aleyia’s favorite thing about school this year was that she got to “do experiments” for science.

Cooper Swanzy will be spending time at Lake Brownwood, fishing he hopes.

“I’m going to go to the lake and go camping and fishing. The funnest thing I’ve caught fishing is a bass, a big bass. It was that big,” he said with his arms extended as wide as they would go.

Landry Walker said she’s going to spend time with her brother and will celebrate a birthday this summer.

“We are going to go to a hotel and swim for my birthday party. For the holiday, we went to the Lake and went swimming and fishing. We’re going to, me and my brother Cobe, are going to do a few things. Mom and Dad will do things with us.”