The burn ban and fireworks are on today’s agenda for the Brown County Commissioners, though the discussion and action items are listed separately, and are likely not connected.

Precinct 4 Commissioner Larry Traweek will be presenting a request from a group at Flat Rock Park to hold a fireworks show. No date or specifics are given on the agenda item. The Fourth of July falls on a Friday this year.

Agenda item No. 4 is a “Discussion and action regarding the burn ban” which will be led by Precinct 1 Commissioner Steve Adams. No other information is included with the agenda item.

On June 2, commissioners narrowly approved the standard “no skyrockets with sticks and missiles with fins” ban on fireworks through the Fourth of July, which, when in effect, makes selling or using the prohibited fireworks a Class C misdemeanor.

Commissioners court convenes at 9 a.m. today in the commissioners courtroom on the main floor of the Brown County Courthouse.

According to the last item of the new business agenda, Deana Sealy will go before the court for “Discussion and action regarding Brown County sponsoring Zephyr Water Supply Corporation for a Texas Community Development Program Step Grant for 2009.” Sealy went before the court last week, asking for the county to be the government taxing entity for the district that is required for the grant application. She was asked to “check and make sure” there were no administrative costs to the county and no action was taken pending Sealy having that information.

Other agenda items include:

• Traweek — Approval of Verizon Utility Easement on Buck View Road (buried line);

• Adams — Utility Easement from Brookesmith Water on County Road 190;

• Adams — Disclaimer of interest in Cedar Point Cemetery Association property;

• Brown County Sheriff Bobby Grubbs — Employee changes.