Officials from the City of Brownwood, Brown County and the Brown County Water Improvement District have a meeting scheduled for Thursday to discuss the county’s flood plain elevation.

Brownwood City Manager Bobby Rountree said this is one of several meetings held since the hydrology study commissioned by three governmental entities in Brown County was released in March. The consensus is that the appropriate flood plain level around Lake Brownwood, and throughout the county is 1,435 feet above sea level.

Whether or not FEMA will accept the study and make the 1,435 level the official flood plain elevation is not known. The recent study was done in response to indications that FEMA consultants were proposing the flood plain be raised to a 1,443-foot level.

If FEMA designates a higher flood plain level, Brown County Judge Ray West said in a report to the county commissioners on Monday, people will be

required to pay flood insurance premiums on property below the FEMA designated level, though they may never need it.

“I believe, and everything I’ve seen confirms, that the 1,435 elevation — plus or minus a few tenths of a foot — is the answer,” Ron Morrison of Morrison Hydrology Engineering Inc. of Hillsboro told a joint meeting of local officials when presenting the study findings in March. “It has been good for 76 years, I think it’ll be good for another 76 years.”

Monday afternoon, an agenda was posted for the Brown County Commissioners so that all members of the court could attend the meeting. Mayor Bert Massey, Rountree, West and the water district general manager, Dennis Spinks, will also be in attendance.

The public meeting is called for 10 a.m. Thursday in the Brownwood City Hall conference room.