He was wearing a mask to keep the rain off his face, an 18-year-old told a police officer who said he’d seen him and another male running from a building at 4:14 a.m.

He tossed the mask because he thought it would look suspicious if the police stopped him and he was wearing a mask, he explained to Brownwood officer Brian Tompkins.

Police took photos and collected evidence, but found no proof of a crime and released the teen, a report by Tompkins states. Police could not determine the identity of the other male.

Tompkins was in the 1200 block of Coggin Tuesday morning when he saw two males running from a wooden building next to Munchie’s Car Wash. One of the males wore a red striped shirt and had a brown mask on his face; the other carried an object in his hand, Tompkins’ report states.

Tompkins located the male with the red striped shirt riding a bicycle in the 1200 block of Avenue G. A broken piece of a metal pry bar was in his pants pocket. He told Tompkins he’d been riding his bike around and doing nothing wrong, and had forgotten about the piece of pry bar, which he said had been in his pocket for awhile.

He said he had tossed his mask in a Dumpster. He said he did not know the identity of the male who was with him.

Other officers located foot prints in the mud heading toward the wooden building, but could not determine if anyone had made it into the building because grass was around it.

In other incidents:

• Sheriff’s narcotics investigator Carlyle Gover arrested Christopher Sawyers, 24, and his girlfriend, Tabbatha Harrington, 25, in connection with a stolen pistol found in their apartment. Harrington was booked into jail as Tabbatha Gossett.

The two were booked on charges of theft from person/receiving or concealing, jail records state.

Authorities seized a Ruger .45 caliber pistol on Sept. 11 while serving a probation search clause at Harrington’s apartment in the 1300 block of 13th, a complaint filed by Gover states.

The pistol’s serial number had been filed down, but Department of Public Safety Sgt. Roy Parrack was able to recover the number. Investigators learned the pistol had been reported taken in a Sept. 8 house burglary.

The two were initially arrested on Sept. 11 on drug and ID tampering charges, and were re-arrested Wednesday on a warrant on the new charges, jail records state.

• Officer Sky Self arrested Jeri Smith, 36, on a theft charge after a shoplifting at Brookshire’s.

• A woman tried to cash a check, determined to be fraudulent, for $1,982 at Ace America’s Cash Express. She told police she’d received the check through Internet correspondence and had been instructed to cash it, keep a portion of the money and return the rest.

• Police are investigating a hit-and-run accident at Quality Body Works, 405 W. Austin. A vehicle, believed to be an older blue and white Chevrolet Suburban, hit the building and drove away.

• A man told police he discovered several firearms were missing from his two gun safes in the 3400 block of Durham. He said he hadn’t been able to find the keys to the safes so he and his son decided to drill out the locks. All of the guns were gone, and he thinks they have been missing for about seven months.

He told police his son’s girlfriend had been living there but was kicked out several months ago. His son is in prison, he told police. He said he and his wife leave the house unlocked when they go out.

• Someone entered an unlocked pickup parked in the 2100 block of 12th and took CD player, a satellite radio, a DVD and a shotgun.

• Officer Chandra Means arrested Danny Knox, 55, on an assault charge after a domestic disturbance in the 2900 block of Avenue D.