She was going into “DT’s,” short of breath and having chest pain, a woman told a Brownwood police officer as he drove her to jail Thursday night.

After being taken to Brownwood Regional Medical Center, the woman told emergency room employees she was faking it to try to stay out of jail, officer Trey Weathermon’s report states.

Susan Dormier, 36, of Throckmorton, who’d just been arrested on charges of public intoxication and disorderly conduct, was further charged with making a false report to a police officer, Brown County Jail records state.

“These people play the system. They know how it works,” Sheriff Bobby Grubbs said.

Police were dispatched to a home in the 1100 block of Eighth at 9:19 p.m. on a report that a woman was screaming on a porch. The woman smelled of alcohol and was unsteady on her feet. She said she’d been at a bar with her boyfriend, and officers tried to find a sober adult to take custody of her, Weathermon’s report states.

They couldn’t, so Weathermon arrested her on a public intoxication charge. “I’m going to (expletive jail … look what you (expletive) did to me,” Weathermon’s report quoted the woman as saying in a densely populated residential area. Officers added a disorderly conduct charge and put the woman in Weathermon’s car.

On the way to jail, the woman said she was addicted to pain killers and needed to call a friend to bring pills to the jail, Weathermon’s report states. He told her that wasn’t possible.

“If I don’t take pills soon I’m going into DT’s,” Weathermon’s report quoted the woman. Several seconds later she said “I’m going into DT’s right now. I’m having chest pain that extends down my left arm and I am short of breath.”

The woman told Weathermon to stop the car immediately so she could get out, then said she needed to go to the hospital. Weathermon was two miles from the jail and radioed for dispatch to contact Guardian.

After they arrived at jail, the woman began breathing fast. “I believe she was attempting to make herself hyperventilate,” Weathermon’s report states.

A Guardian employee said the woman needed to be evaluated in the emergency room. At the emergency room, an employee quoted the woman as saying she wasn’t experiencing any pain but was trying to get out of going to jail.

Another employee told Weathermon the woman said she wasn’t stupid and had “done this before when she’s gotten in trouble after drinking.” The woman told the employee “she knew when she’s put in the back of a police car to scream she’s having chest pain, and that would get her out of the charge.”

A doctor found that the woman’s only medical problem was low iron, and he told her to contact her physician about her anemia, Weathermon’s report states.