Brownwood City Council member Jerry DeHay and Brownwood firefighter Chad Hill offered kudos Tuesday on unrelated topics — DeHay for the medical care he received at Brownwood Regional Medical Center and Hill for the pay raises firefighters are receiving.

DeHay, speaking at the beginning of the Brownwood City Council meeting, said he recently spent three weeks in the hospital after surgery. “We have an incredible group of physicians in this area,” DeHay said. “The thing that impressed me the most was how they work together as a team. He said he received outstanding care from the entire hospital staff.

“We are very fortunate to have the kind of medical facility we have here,” DeHay said.

Hill, who is president of the Brownwood Professional Firefighters Association, thanked council members, Mayor Bert Massey and City Manager Bobby Rountree for their work related to the “meet and confer” agreements.

With the new fiscal year, firefighters are entering their second year of a three-year Meet and Confer agreement that brings annual raises of 6 percent for each of those years.

The pay raises have increased the fire department’s ability to hire and retain firefighters, Hill said.

The Brownwood Police Department is in the second year of a similar Meet and Confer agreement.