Police in a southeastern Louisiana town recovered a GMC Envoy that was reported stolen from an accused Brown County meth cook, Early Police Chief David Mercer said.

Police in Denham Springs, a town of about 10,000, also arrested two people accused of taking the Envoy — friends of the accused meth cook who apparently loaded up the vehicle, grabbed the keys and took off when the meth cook passed out in an Early motel, Mercer said.

Matthew Barnes, 20, and Virginia Tate, 22, were arrested Wednesday on charges of unauthorized use of a vehicle, Mercer said. He said they are in custody in Denham Springs.

Police responded to a call of two naked people sitting in a vehicle outside a Denham Springs business, Mercer said. Police arrived to find the pair wearing small items of clothing, and they said they were high on methamphetamine, Mercer said.

Police learned the 2005 Envoy was stolen and arrested the two on warrants obtained by Early police, Mercer said.

Early police believe Tate, Barnes and a man named Walter Huffman Jr. were at the Executive Inn together when Huffman passed out.

“Apparently when he passed out, they loaded it up, grabbed the keys and left,” Mercer said.

Early police were dispatched to the motel Tuesday on a report that someone was refusing to pay for his room, Mercer said earlier.

Huffman told police his friends had stolen the Envoy, which was owned by one of Huffman’s relatives, along with the methamphetamine he had just cooked and some of the cooking equipment, Mercer said.

Officers took an unauthorized use of a motor vehicle report from Huffman Jr., 35, and arrested him on charges of manufacture of a controlled substance and tampering with evidence.

Police said Huffman swallowed a bag of methamphetamine as they began speaking with him and told them he had cooked meth in a pasture near the Brownwood state school, Mercer said.