A woman told police a man slapped her several times, demanded sex and hit her with a chair. Then, police said, the man asked an investigating police sergeant, “What, are you going to Tase me?”

Sgt. Randall Krpoun didn’t shoot Jeremiah Baggett with a Taser Friday evening, although he did point it at the man. Krpoun arrested Baggett, 31, on a charge of aggravated assault with a weapon, Krpoun’s report and Brown County Jail records state.

Baggett, who was shot with two Tasers in a confrontation with police on June 13, was one of two people police arrested in unrelated weekend domestic disputes.

In a Sunday evening incident, Krpoun jolted a suspect with a Taser after the suspect turned toward the woman he’d been punching moments earlier, police said.

On Friday, Krpoun was dispatched to the 1300 block of Avenue B and arrived to find Guardian EMS treating a 22-year-old woman for injuries.

The 4-foot-10-inch, 95-pound woman had a cut on her nose, a bruise on her eyelid and the left side of her face was red and puffy, Krpoun’s report states. She also carried her right shoulder as though it had considerable pain.

A man standing near her ducked through some bushes and started to walk away. When Krpoun told the man to stop and come toward him, the man stopped and asked “who, me?” Krpoun’s report states.

The man walked quickly toward Krpoun, who told him to stop. That’s when the man asked Krpoun if he was going to Tase him, and Krpoun pointed his Taser at the man and asked him if he planned to give him a reason.

The man stopped, produced identification and sat down.

The injured woman told Krpoun the man had been hostile toward her all day, and when she went next door to get away, he followed and assaulted her, Krpoun’s report states.

Baggett remained jailed Monday afternoon.

Earlier this month, Baggett was indicted for aggravated assault against a public servant and burglary of a habitation in connection with the June 13 incident.

In the Sunday incident, Krpoun arrested Bernardo Reyna, 42, on a charge of assault causing bodily injury, Krpoun’s report and Brown County Jail records state.

Krpoun and officer Johnny Jackson were dispatched to the parking lot outside apartments at 322 Bluffview on a report that a man was hitting a woman in a car.

As Krpoun drove up, he saw a man leaning inside a parked car and hitting a woman. Krpoun pulled his Taser and told the man to get away from the woman, Krpoun’s report states.

The man moved a few inches away from the woman, but disregarded Krpoun’s command to get on the ground. When he turned toward the woman, who was in arm’s reach, Krpoun deployed his Taser, striking the man in the back with a 5-second charge.

The man went to the ground and started to sit up when the charge ended, Krpoun’s report states. When he ignored Krpoun’s command to stay on the ground, Krpoun shocked him with a 2-second jolt, and the man stayed on the ground.

In unrelated incidents:

Officer Brandon Arnold arrested Tabitha Poole, 26, on a charge of failure to identify and on city warrants after a traffic stop.