Bulletin Staff Report

Today’s the day at the Brown County Courthouse.

After weeks of planning and waiting for equipment to be installed and adjusted, new security measures are expected to be in effect starting this morning.

The entrance for the general public will be the south door, where a metal detector has been installed. People who activate the detector will be asked to place metal objects including keys and cell phones into a basket and go through the detector again.

Pocket knives — while typically not carried as weapons — will no longer be permitted, sheriff’s officials have said.

The north door will be locked to the public. It will still be used for bringing inmates in and out of the courthouse, and will be used as the handicapped access entrance.

Those using that entry will be asked to push a door buzzer and security personnel will open the door by remote control. The security deputy who admits those coming through the ADA entrance will perform a security check with a metal detector wand.

Courthouse employees will use key cards to enter through the north door as well.