Brown County Commissioners will convene for a brief court meeting Tuesday.

According to the single-item agenda, the special called meeting will be to consider, possibly approve and sign a resolution concerning the FEMA Base Flood Elevation for Lake Brownwood and surrounding areas.

The four precinct commissioners attended a meeting with Brownwood and Early city officials and the general manager of the Water Improvement District on Thursday. The meeting was also attended by Shea Woodard, congressional staffer from Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson’s office and Garey Gilley, a liaison between the National Geodetic Survey and Brown County to specifically discuss the urgency and importance for having the county flood plain level established at the 1,435 elevation. FEMA is in the process of producing new elevation maps and there is concern the maps produced out of that governing body will be three to seven feet higher than the 1,435 elevation.

Brown County Judge Ray West presided over the Thursday meeting and an agenda was posted so the four commissioners could attend without being in violation of the open meetings act. But West announced at the meeting, the commissioners were there for discussion only and would not take any action.

The 9 a.m. Tuesday meeting will be in the commissioners courtroom on the main floor of the Brown County Courthouse.