Brown County Commissioners are expected to “review, approve and execute” a resolution and Texas Parks and Wildlife grant application today for the proposed Zephyr Independent School District Sports Complex.

David Whisenhunt, superintendent for the ZISD, is named on two of the agenda items for this morning’s meeting. Whisenhunt will address the court first, according to the agenda, to make a public comment concerning the complex. The second agenda item has to do with the review and approval of the grant application.

Zephyr voters approved a four-phase, $4.35 million bond package Nov. 6, 2007, and in December of 2007, Blaine Quirl donated approximately 30 acres of “prime property” to the ZISD, where the sports complex is to be built.

At the Feb. 11 commissioners court, Whisenhunt asked that Brown County be the sponsoring governing entity for the Parks and Wildlife grant application, and the commissioners voted unanimously to be that entity.

The court convenes at 9 a.m. today, on the main floor of the Brown County Courthouse. This is a regular session meeting. Other items on the agenda include:

• Emily Crawford, representing the Brownwood Area Chamber of Commerce, to discuss “hunters appreciation” activities;

• Deana Sealy for a discussion regarding Brown County sponsoring Zephyr Water Supply Corporation for a Texas Community Development Program Step Grant for 2009;

• Precinct 3 Commissioner Richard Gist, requesting approval of a 50 mph speed limit for County Road 340 and a 35 mph speed limit for County Road 338.

• Wes Birdwell, discussion and possible action regarding FEMA map mod update;

• County Treasurer Ann Krpoun will ask for approval of a new employee in that department.