Special to the Bulletin

Additional officers in Brown County will be on duty to watch for drunken drivers over the Fourth of July weekend, according to a press release from Brown County Attorney Shane Britton’s office.

Every agency of Brown County law enforcement is working toward a “No Refusal Weekend,” so from July 3-5, anyone stopped for suspicion of drunken driving, whether in the city or out in the county, will be required to either give a breath sample or have blood drawn.

If a motorist stopped for suspected DWI refuses to give a breath sample, judges will be on hand to sign warrants for blood draws.

“It’s your choice, breath or blood,” the release states. “Brown County is serious about drunk drivers. Too many lives are lost each year due to drunk drivers and Brown County wants to put an end to the needless suffering and enormous waste of tax dollars.

“So please, don’t drink and drive. You will be prosecuted. Be safe and help others to be safe also. If you are going to drink, please have a designated driver who is not drinking. We want to promote a safe and happier holiday for everyone, so please, drink responsibly or don’t drink at all.”