Brownwood residents ready to do some “fall cleaning” will get an assist this weekend from Keep Brownwood Beautiful and the City of Brownwood Sanitation Department.

The semiannual cleanup will be held from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday at the usual first Monday recycling location, and the expanded collection of recyclable materials will be – for the most part – free.

Electronic waste, described as “e-waste,” will be accepted, but a fee will be charged to handle television sets and computer monitors.

The other primary limitation is on vehicle tires, which are limited to eight per household. But a multitude of other materials will be taken at no charge, according to Cary Perrin, program coordinator for Keep Brownwood Beautiful.

“It is time to tidy up after a long, hot summer,” Perrin said, “but please be patient if there is a line of cars. We will do our best to get everyone through safely.”

The location is at Avenues A and Brady under the Bill Monroe (Austin Avenue) Overpass.

“These cleanups are to prevent illegal dumping in our area,” Perrin said. “If you know of a site where illegal dumping is occurring, please contact me at 641-0533. As a reminder, Texas law requires all loads to be covered with a tarp or some material to prevent items from being blown out onto the road.”

Perrin added that due to state environmental regulations, the clean up will not accept household hazardous waste.

Acceptable items are brush and yard debris, household garbage, paint, metal and appliances, antifreeze, batteries, motor oil, car tires with a maximum of eight tires per household and all recycling materials. This includes glass, aluminum, newspapers, magazines, metal cans, telephone books, white office paper, cardboard, plastic soda/water bottles, and plastic milk/water jugs.

E-waste being collected includes, computers, printers, copy machines, PDAs, VCR/DVD/VCD players, MP3 players, cell phones, and ink jet and laser printer cartridges.

“Take this opportunity to clean up your neighborhood and help your neighbor, if they need it,” Perrin said. “Folks in town might want to take this opportunity to clean out their alleyways and beside their Dumpsters. Disposal is free and you cannot beat that!”

She also urged resident to thank sanitation workers.

“They deserve our heartfelt appreciation for all the hard work they do to make Brownwood a cleaner and safer place for everyone,” Perrin said.